The vision of our research is to create and enable low-cost humanoid robots to interact intelligent and socially with children and adults of all backgrounds to improve their health, learning, and living in an ethical manner. We conduct research in humanoid robot creativity and novel concept learning through robot-child interaction, intelligent, adaptive humanoid health coaching for childhood obesity prevention and intervention, and humanoid soccer robot algorithms. The HEIR Lab encourages undergraduate students and high school students to participate in discovery and research projects along with graduate student and post-doctorate researchers.

Humanoid Health Coaching for Childhood Obesity

Towards a Social and Mobile Humanoid Health Coach for Childhood Obesity
E. Russell, D. Ramgoolam, A.B. Williams

We are developing the theory and principles for a social and mobile humanoid health coach that will explain and perform physical exercises along with the human in an effort to increase their physical activity. In addition, our humanoid health coach, Stacy, provides motivation and encouragement. Our humanoid health coach will learn creative concepts through interaction with children in healthy snack design games. We are currently collaborating with Dr. Robert Topp, Marquette College of Nursing, and Dr. Chris Simenz, Marquette College of Health Sciences.

3D Printed Teen-Size Humanoid Soccer and Health Coach Robot

MU-L8: The Design Architecture and 3D Printing of a Teen-Sized Humanoid Soccer Robot
A. Stroud, M. Morris, K. Carey, J.C. Williams, C. Randolph, A.B. Williams

MU-L8, pronounced "emulate", is a research humanoid designed to investigate the theory and principles of human behavior and intelligence emulation and learning. MU-L8 was developed using a unique 3D modeling and printing design process that leverages 3D printers. The aim of MU-L8 is to become a low-cost robot health coach for children and to interactively and safely play soccer and other sports with other robots and children. The HEIR lab students are also aiming to compete in the RoboCup TeenSized Humanoid Soccer Competition to be held this summer 2014 in Brazil, a week after the human soccer WorldCup.

MU-L8 Emulating Human Behavior and Intelligence

Creative Concept Invention and Representation in an Interactive Healthy Snack Design Game
A.B. Williams, A. Stroud, J. Panka, J.C. Williams, Cristina Morales, Corey Randolph

We are investigating how MU-L8 can emulate human behavior and intelligence especially in the area of creativity. MU-L8 is learning to track and mimick human behavior and learn creative concepts through interacting with children in a healthy snack design game.