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Corliss1974a:  George F. Corliss,
Parallel Rootfinding Algorithms,
Ph.D. Thesis, Department of Mathematics, Michigan State University, 1974.
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Corliss1976a:  George F. Corliss,
Computer Graphics Assisted Numerical Analysis Instruction,
Computers and Graphics, (1976), pp. 11-13.
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Corliss1977a:  George F. Corliss,
Which Root Does the Bisection Algorithm Find?,
SIAM Reviews, (1977), pp. 325-327.
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Corliss1977b:  George F. Corliss and David Lowery,
Choosing a Stepsize for Taylor Series Methods for Solving ODE's,
J. Comp. & Appl. Math., 4 (1977), pp. 251-256.
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Corliss1980a:  George F. Corliss,
Integrating ODE's in the Complex Plane - Pole Vaulting,
Math. Comput., 5 (1980), pp. 1181-1189.
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Chang1980b:  Y. F. Chang and George F. Corliss,
Ratio-like and Recurrence Relation Tests for Convergence of Series,
J. Inst. Math. Appl., 25 (1980), pp. 349-359.
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Chang1981a:  Y. F. Chang, George F. Corliss, Michael Tabor, and John Weiss,
On the Analytic Structure of the Henon Heiles System,
Phys. Letters A, (1981).
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Chang1982a:  Y. F. Chang and George F. Corliss,
Solving Ordinary Differential Equations Using Taylor Series,
ACM Trans. Math. Software, 8 (1982), pp. 114-144.
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Corliss1983a:  George F. Corliss,
On Computing Darboux Type Series Analysis,
Nonlinear Analysis, Theory, Methods & Applications, 7 (1983), pp. 1247-1253.
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Corliss1984a:  George F. Corliss,
How is the Teaching of Software Engineering Related to the Teaching of ADA?,
Journal of Pascal, Ada, & Modula-2, May/June 1984, pp. 31-33.
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Corliss1987a:  George F. Corliss and Louis B. Rall,
Adaptive, Self-Validating Numerical Quadrature,
SIAM Journal on Scientific and Statistical Computing, 8/5 (1987), pp. 831-847.
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Corliss1987b:  George F. Corliss,
Design of Ada Library of Elementary Functions with Error Handling,
Journal on Pascal, Ada, and Modula-2, 6 (1987).
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Corliss1989a:  George F. Corliss,
Survey of Interval Algorithms for Ordinary Differential Equations,
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation, 31 (1989), pp. 112-120.
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Corliss1989b:  George F. Corliss and Gary Krenz,
Indefinite Integration with Validation,
ACM Trans. Math. Software, 15 (1989), pp. 375-393.
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Bischof1992a:  Christian Bischof, Alan Carle, George F. Corliss, Andreas Griewank, and Paul Hovland,
Generating Derivative Codes from Fortran Programs,
Scientific Computing, 1/1 (1992), pp. 11-29.
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Bischof1992b:  Christian Bischof, George F. Corliss, Larry Green, Andreas Griewank, K. Haigler, and Perry Newman,
Automatic Differentiation of Advanced CFD Codes for Multidisciplinary Design,
Journal on Computing Systems in Engineering, 3/6 (1992), pp. 625-637.
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Bischof1993a:  Christian Bischof, George F. Corliss, and Andreas Griewank,
Structured Second- and Higher-Order Derivatives through Univariate Taylor Series,
Optimization Methods and Software, 2 (1993), pp. 211-232.
Also appeared as Mathematics and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory Preprint MCS-P296-0392.
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Griewank1993b:  Andreas Griewank, Christian Bischof, Alan Carle, George F. Corliss, and Karen Williamson,
Derivative Convergence for Iterative Equation Solvers,
Optimization Methods and Software, 2 (1993), pp. 321-355.
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Chang1994a:  Y. F. Chang and George F. Corliss,
ATOMFT: Solving ODEs and DAEs Using Taylor Series,
Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 28 (1994), pp. 209-233.
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Corliss1996a:  George F. Corliss and Weldon A. Lodwick,
Correct Computation of Solutions of Differential Algebraic Control Equations,
Zeitschrift fuer Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik (ZAMM) special issue "Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing, and Computer Science", (1996), pp. 37-40.
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Nedialkov1999f:  Ned S. Nedialkov, Ken R. Jackson, and George F. Corliss,
Validated Solutions of Initial Value Problems for Ordinary Differential Equations,
Appl. Math. & Comp., 105 (1) (1999) pp. 21-68.
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