Representative Industrial Projects
Dr. George F. Corliss, MU EECE



Umlaut Casting
Web site development
Compuware & Aurora Health Care
I spent a sabbatical leave from June 1, 1998 - August 13, 1999 as a senior systems analyst at Compuware, a large, international computer consulting firm that employs several of my former students. Compuware placed me at Aurora Health Care doing Y2K project management. See Sabbatical News for more information.
E-commerce, Web site development. Harken is the world's leading supplier of high-performance yacht racing equipment.
Miner & Associates
Web site development.
Sun Microsystems
Global Solutions. Software and applications for interval techniques for global solutions of nonlinear systems and optimization.
Bank One
Portfolio management using global optimization
Swiss National Bank
Modeling international currency trading using global optimization
MacNeal Schwindler
Stress analysis of rocket nozzle designs, finite element analysis, global optimization
GE Medical Systems
AC motor design optimization, global optimization, parameter identification
Genome Thereputics
Genome search, neural networks
Johnson Controls
Enterprise modeling, operations research
S.C. Johnson Wax
Global marketing using data clustering
Amoco Production
Interval methods, numerical solution of partial differential equations for portions of an oil reservoir simulation model. Contributed to the eventual decision of an Amoco employee to attend Marquette
International Mathematical Subroutines Library (IMSL)
Numerical and statistical analysis, Ada software development.
Numerical Algorithms Group
Interval analysis, Ada software development.
Interval analysis, validated computation. Developed software package for self-validating adaptive quadrature. IBM marketed our package as part of the ACRITH product.
Argonne National Lab
Automatic differentiation of algorithms, numerical analysis, optimization, software development. Team developed software currently being used by the Department of Energy, Boeing, General Motors, AT & T, NASA, and many others.
Cardiac Evaluation Center
Numerical analysis, digital signal compression, analysis, and display for medical data. Resulted in a marketed product.
Delco Electronics
Modeling motion, numerical analysis, Ada software development for commercial aircraft positioning instruments.
Strong Mutual Funds
Financial modeling, systems analysis, instruction in C programming.
North Sails
Numerical analysis, computer graphics, software and user interface design for the design and manufacture of yacht sails. This technology has appeared on every America's Cup contender, both US and foreign, 1980 - early 90's
US Olympic Team
Numerical analysis and computer graphics for the design of bobsled runners.
User interface, database design, software development for marketing yachting equipment.
Mathematical modeling, linear programming, statistical analysis of optimum box size for shipping manufactured parts.
BTI, Inc.
Pattern recognition, statistical analysis of light reflectances in satellite or other remotely sensed data.
Repete Corp.
Systems analysis, computer graphical display, instruction in C++ and object-oriented development, software development for industrial process control.
Selection of software for large-scale numerical optimization.


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