PGP Public Key
Dr. George F. Corliss, MU EECE



Version: 2.6.2


To use my public key:

  save the PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK to a file, say georgec.asc
  pgp -ka georgec.asc cosc149      # Add to key ring for COSC 149
  pgp kA georgec.asc              # Add to your public key ring

A former student asked

I noticed a page for your PGP public key. Do you use PGP for most "e-correspondence," or do you use it primarily for professional purposes? I'm asking, because I've seen a few articles on PGP, and I'm wondering if I should use it.
No, I don't use it. Too much hassle. I do use it as a lesson in operating systems topics. It also comes up the first time in a class when I send out a message saying the assignment has been postponed. The next time in class, I talk about e-mail spoofing and ask how they know that message came from me. Hope it makes a few of them think.

Secure communications and authentication ARE big issues. I want to be sure my students are aware of the issues and at least a couple solution strategies. Very little of my communication justifies the extra work on both ends. If we all used the same tools, PGP encryption and authentication could be built in, so I'd see the benefits with little extra work. However, I happen to think it is a GOOD thing that a class of 20 students probably use 10 different mailers. Otherwise, Microsoft wins.

Make sense?


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