Jiri Rohn's Slides from Karlsruhe
Dr. George F. Corliss, MU EECE



Slides (Postscript, 132 Kb) from Jiri Rohn's talk at Scan 2000 in Karlsruhe "Finite Characterization of Some Linear Problems with Inexact Data."

Appendix (Postscript, 77 Kb). Professor Rohn has compiled a list of references for the results given in his talk.

Professor Rohn writes: "As you remember, the talk was concerned with necessary and sufficient conditions and exact bounds. But computable sufficient conditions and inexact bounds are what is looked for in practice."

Corliss's review: This is one of the most beautiful conference talks I have heard in years. Professor Rohn took a complex, often subtle, area of study: complexity issues in the solution of linear systems. He presented it in a systematic manner. This talk is well work reading for EVERY researcher interested in interval analysis.


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