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News and Events

At the American Chemical Society's National Meeting in August 2014, Joe Heffron, Yiran Tong, and Dr. Mayer will present posters on the group's efforts in electrocoagulation, micropollutant/nutrient fate using novel sorbents, and ion exchange for nutrient recovery.


Matthew Marhefke and John Omboko joined the group as undergraduate research assistants for Summer 2014.


Dr. Mayer gave a research overview at the School of Freshwater Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, March 2014.


Dr. Mayer gave a presentation on phosphorus recovery technologies for the NSF Subcommittee for Studying the Role of National Science Foundation/Mathematics and Physical Sciences in Food Systems, Jan. 2014.


Congratulations to Allen Williams on his MS graduation in Dec. 2013!


Allen Williams presented the talk “Comparative evaluation of operating life for phosphate-specific ion exchange resins” at the Marquette University Forward Thinking Colloquia in Dec. 2013.


For IWA’s International Water Week in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Allen Williams presented the poster “Optimizing regeneration eluate of mainstream municipal wastewater ion exchange columns for ammonium recovery”, Fall 2013.


Allen Williams presented the talk “Anion exchange process for concentration and recovery of phosphate in anaerobically treated municipal wastewater” at the Central States Water Environment Association’s MN Section Conference on the Environment, Fall 2013.

  Allen Williams presented the poster and published proceedings “Advancements in ion exchange processes for municipal wastewater nutrient recovery” at WEFTEC in Chicago, Nov. 2013.

Dr. Mayer will be presented the talk “Introducing Sustainability Using a Flipped Classroom Curriculum” at the 2013 Association of Environmental Engineering & Science Professors (AEESP) in Golden, CO, July, 2013.

2012 The Federation of Environmental Technologists, Inc. (FET) awarded Marquette University Civil Engineering Master's student Allen T. Williams a $1,000 scholarship. The award was presented on October 30th at the FET 2012 Annual Conference & Exhibition in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. FET is a regional organization with about 600 to 700 members. Their goal is to educate the environmental industry on regulatory compliance and technological innovations through training, professional development and networking.
  Allen Williams was awarded an Academic Excellence Award from the Central States Water Environment Association (CSWEA) for graduate student excellence in environmental engineering.  The scholarship includes a cash award, student membership to the association, and registration/recognition at the annual conference.
  Dr. Mayer presented the talk “Reduction of Disinfectant Byproduct Formation Using Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysis” at the 2012 Arizona Water Association Annual Meeting in Glendale, AZ, May, 2012.