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Environmental Engineering  
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Graduate Students  
Yiran Tong
Yiran is a Ph.D. student at Marquette University. She is currently starting her research on removal of estrogen micropollutants and nutrients from anaerobic effluents with techniques that combine ion exchange and biochar sorption. Phosphorus and ammonia are removed through ion exchange columns. Phosphorus is then regenerated in the form of struvite, which is good for land-use as fertilizer. Estrogen micropollutant is thought to exist in municipal wastewater treatment plant effluent as well and she wants to evaluate sorption ability of biochar, which is more economical and environmentally-friendly. She will combine these two techniques into one process and evaluate sorption of ion exchange resin and biochar by measuring isotherms. She is going to explore how do these two kinds of pollutants affect each other. Improvements on their physical and chemical properties are also considered in order to achieving effectiveness.  

Joseph Heffron
Joe is an MS student at Marquette University in the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering. He is working with Dr. Mayer on removal of heavy metals and viruses from drinking water via electrocoagulation. Joe received his undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and Policy from Drake University and served as an Environmental Education volunteer in Peace Corps Armenia from 2008 to 2010.

Current Project Title: Removal of Hardness, Heavy Metals and Viruses via Electrocoagulation
PI: Dr. Brooke Mayer

  Patrick Mullen
Undergraduate Students  
  John Omboko
  Matt Marhefke
Faculty and Staff  

Daniel H. Zitomer, Ph.D., P.E.
Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
Marquette University
Engineering Hall, 435B
Tel: +1 (414)-288-5733 
Fax: +1 (414)-288-6149 
E-mail: daniel.zitomer@marquette.edu 
Webpage: http://www.eng.mu.edu/Zitomer_Lab_Group/index.html

The Zitomer lab group works to improve biotechnology for waste treatment and renewable energy with a focus on anaerobic digestion.

Mike Dollhopf
Manager of Water Quality Center and Hydraulic Laboratories
Civil and Environmental Engineering 
Tel: +1 (414)-288-3523
Fax: +1 (414)-288-6149
E-mail: michael.dollhopf@marquette.edu 

Mike Dollhopf is the Laboratory Manager for the Water Quality Center. He received a Master's degree from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in the field of microbiology, with emphasis on environmental and molecular microbiology, biogeochemistry, and environmental studies. For his degree, he isolated and studied new species of metal respiring bacteria using electrochemical techniques. Mike is presently the Manager of the Hydraulics Laboratory, College of Engineering Lab Safety Officer, and Chemical Hygiene Manager for the College of Engineering.