Medical Imaging Systems Laboratory

at Marquette University


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Our laboratory focuses on the design and optimization of medical imaging systems and reconstruction algorithms, with the goal of improving image quality and reducing radiation dose.

We apply theoretical, computational, and experimental methods to numerous modalities including CT, SPECT, and tomosynthesis.

Our collaborators include the Zablocki VA Medical Center, Froedtert Hospital, Medical College of Wisconsin, FDA, and industry partners.

Recent News

Spectral CT work presented in Stockholm

June 2016: Taly Gilat Schmidt presented an invited talk on "Optimization-based reconstruction for Spectral CT Imaging" at the Imaging 2016 Conference, organized by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and sponsored by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences KVA through its Nobel Institute for Physics. The talk presented the latest results of our Spectral CT collaboration with Emil Sidky and Rina Foygel Barber at the University of Chicago.

2016 SPIE Medical Imaging Meeting

February 2016: Three talks were presented by Medical Imaging Systems Lab members: "Comparison of quantitative k-edge empirical estimators using an energy-resolved photon-counting detector," presented by graduate student Kevin Zimmerman; "Task-based detectability comparison of Exponential Transformation of Free-Response Operating Characteristic (EFROC) curve and Channelized Hotelling Observer (CHO)," presented by graduate student Parag Khobragade; and "Accuracy of patient specific organ-dose estimates obtained using an automated image segmentation algorithm," presented by Taly Gilat Schmidt.