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Computer Engineering (COEN)
ABET Course Outlines

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Course # Course Title Course Coordinator
COEN 2020 Electric Circuits S. Riedel
COEN 2610 Software Methodologies X. Feng
COEN 3991 Co-Op Work Period S. Riedel
COEN 3992 Co-Op Grading Period 1 S. Riedel
COEN 3993 Co-Op Work Period 2 S. Riedel
COEN 3994 Co-Op Grading Period 2 S. Riedel
COEN 4610 Object-Oriented Software Engineering X. Feng
COEN 4620 Modern Programming Practices S. Riedel
COEN 4630 Software Testing G. Corliss
COEN 4650 Introduction to Algorithms X. Feng
COEN 4690 Developments in Computer Software S. Riedel
COEN 4710 Computer Hardware M. Johnson
COEN 4720 Embedded Systems Design R. Povinelli
COEN 4730 Computer Architecture G. Corliss
COEN 4790 Developments in Computer Hardware G. Corliss
COEN 4810 Database Applications S. Riedel
COEN 4820 Operating Systems and Networking G. Corliss
COEN 4830 Introduction to Computer Graphics G. Corliss
COEN 4840 Computer Security S. Riedel
COEN 4850 Introduction to Intelligent Systems R. Povinelli
COEN 4860 Introduction to Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems X. Feng
COEN 4870 Evolutionary Computation R. Povinelli
COEN 4890 Developments in Computer Applications G. Corliss
COEN 4920 Principles of Design G. Corliss
COEN 4991 Co-Op Work Period 3 S. Riedel
COEN 4992 Co-Op Grading Period 3 S. Riedel
COEN 4993 Co-Op Work Period 4 S. Riedel
COEN 4994 Co-Op Grading Period 4 S. Riedel
COEN 4995 Independent Study in Computer Engineering Dept. Chair
COEN 4998 Senior Design Project G. Corliss

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Last Update: June 17, 2012