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Electrical & Computer Engineering (EECE)
ABET Course Outlines

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Course # Course Title Course Coordinator
EECE 1610 Introduction to Computer Programming R. Povinelli
EECE 1953 Freshman Seminar 1 M. Johnson
EECE 1954 Freshman Seminar 2 M. Johnson
EECE 2010 Electric Circuits 1 N. Weise
EECE 2015 Circuits Laboratory 1 J. Richie
EECE 2030 Digital Electronics S. Schneider
EECE 2035 Circuits Laboratory 2 J. Richie
EECE 2710 Introduction to Computer Hardware and Software C. Ababei
EECE 3010 Electronic Devices and Applications J. Richie
EECE 3015 Digital Electronics Laboratory S. Schneider
EECE 4410 Integrated Microelectronic Circuits C. Lee
EECE 4510 Digital Signal Processing M. Johnson
EECE 4740 Advanced VHDL and FPGA Design C. Ababei

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Last Update: October 28, 2015