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Electrical Engineering (ELEN)
ABET Course Outlines

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Course # Course Title Course Coordinator
ELEN 2020 Electric Circuits 2 N. Weise
ELEN 2040 Engineering Systems S. Schneider
ELEN 3001 Electric Circuits and Machinery Dept. Chair
ELEN 3020 Linear Systems Analysis H. Medeiros
ELEN 3025 Electrical Instrumentation Laboratory S. Schneider
ELEN 3030 Analog Electronics S. Schneider
ELEN 3035 Analog Electronics Laboratory S. Schneider
ELEN 3110 Electromagnetic Fields 1 J. Richie
ELEN 3120 Electromagnetic Fields 2 J. Richie
ELEN 3210 Electric Drives N. Weise
ELEN 3991 Co-op Work Period 1 R. Povinelli
ELEN 3992 Co-op Grading Period 1 R. Povinelli
ELEN 3993 Co-op Work Period 2 R. Povinelli
ELEN 3994 Co-op Grading Period 2 R. Povinelli
ELEN 4015 Advanced Electrical Engineering Laboratory S. Schneider
ELEN 4090 Developments in Electronics Dept. Chair
ELEN 4130 Antenna Theory and Design J. Richie
ELEN 4150 Applied Finite Elements in Electromagnetics J. Richie
ELEN 4190 Developments in Electromagnetics Dept. Chair
ELEN 4210 Design and Analysis of Electric Motor-Drive Systems N. Demerdash
ELEN 4220 Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Systems N. Weise
ELEN 4230 Renewable and Legacy Electric Energy Systems Analysis N. Weise
ELEN 4240 Protection and Monitoring of Electric Energy Systems N. Demerdash
ELEN 4250 Transients in Electric Energy Systems and Devices N. Demerdash
ELEN 4290 Developments in Energy and Power Dept. Chair
ELEN 4310 Control Systems R. Brown
ELEN 4320 Digital Control Systems R. Brown
ELEN 4390 Developments in Control Dept. Chair
ELEN 4430 Physical Principles of Solid State Devices C. Lee
ELEN 4450 Surface Acoustic Wave Devices F. Josse
ELEN 4460 Sensor Devices: Theory, Design, and Applications F. Josse
ELEN 4490 Developments in Devices Dept. Chair
ELEN 4550 Developments in Signal Processing Dept. Chair
ELEN 4560 Introduction to Communication Systems J. Richie
ELEN 4565 Optical Fiber Communications F. Josse
ELEN 4570 Wireless Communications J. Richie
ELEN 4590 Developments in Communications Dept. Chair
ELEN 4920 Principles of Design C. Tamma
ELEN 4991 Co-op Work Period 3 R. Povinelli
ELEN 4992 Co-op Grading Period 3 R. Povinelli
ELEN 4993 Co-op Work Period 4 R. Povinelli
ELEN 4994 Co-op Grading Period 4 R. Povinelli
ELEN 4995 Independent Study in Electrical Engineering Dept. Chair
ELEN 4998 Senior Design Project C. Tamma

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