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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Spring 2010
COEN and EECE Classes

last update: March 1, 2008

This list is under review by the EECE faculty and is

COEN 001	Freshman Seminar
COEN 012	Electric Circuits 2
COEN 020	Software Methodologies
COEN 051	Introduction to Computer Programming
COEN 120	Data Structures for Engineers
COEN 131	Intro to Neural Networks
COEN 147	Senior Design Project
COEN 151	Intro to Computer Graphics
COEN 167	Topics in Computer Software
COEN 168	Topics in Computer Hardware
COEN 171	Computer Hardware
COEN 183	Operating Systems and Networking
COEN 190	Modern Programming Practices

EECE 001	Freshman Seminar
EECE 010	Electronic Devices and Applications
EECE 012	Electric Circuits 2
EECE 042	Circuits Lab 2
EECE 111	Analog Electronics
EECE 122	Electromagnetic Fields 2
EECE 123	Electromechanical Energy Conversion
EECE 143	Digital Electronics Laboratory
EECE 147	Senior Design Project
EECE 153	Digital Control Systems
EECE 166	SAW devices
EECE 168	Topics in Electrical Engineering
EECE 176	Sensor Devices, Theory, Design & Applications
EECE 182	Power Systems

EECE 206	Probability and Random Processes in Engineering
EECE 208	Advanced Course in Computers 2
EECE 221	Chaos and Nonlinear Signal Processing
EECE 222	Optimal and Adaptive Digital Signal Processing
EECE 225	Optimal Control
EECE 229	Advanced Topics in Computers and Control
EECE 249	Advanced Topics in Electrical Engineering
EECE 261	Surface-Acoustic-Wave Devices
EECE 285	Adv. Concepts/Design&Modeling of Machine&Drives
EECE 297	Department Colloquium
EECE 396	Seminar
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