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Mechanical Engineering Department,
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Marquette University.
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Computational Combustion Laboratory

Computational Combustion Modeling | Combustion-generated Pollutants | Atmospheric Soot | High-performance Computing

Lab director: Dr. Somesh P. Roy

Computational Combustion Lab (CCL) at Marquette University aims to further the understanding of combustion by developing novel models and uses high-performance computing to perform high-fidelity and detailed numerical simulations of combustion systems at various scales – ranging from laboratory-scale flames to internal combustion engines to wildfires. The research focus of the lab includes, but is not limited to, the following areas

  • Turbulent and multiphase combustion
  • Multiphase thermal radiation
  • Soot formation and growth in combustion systems
  • Evolution of atmospheric soot
  • Multiphysics interactions during combustion
  • Massively-parallel combustion simulations

This lab is part of the Combustion Systems Labs, a group of experimental and theoretical combustion research facilities, at Marquette Univeristy.

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Dated: May 21, 2018
Mr. Mukut presents his work at the Spring Technical Meeting of the Central States of the Combustion Institute. See more.

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