Computational Combustion Laboratory (CCL)

Ongoing research activities

Computational Combustion Modeling | Combustion-generated Pollutants | Atmospheric Soot | High-performance Computing

Characaterizing multiphysics interaction in combustion devices

Combustion involves complex interactions of fluid dynamics, multiphase flows, chemical reactions, and heat transfer. Our understanding of combustion is still incomplete because of the complexity of each of these processes and their interactions. Read more...

Detailed multiscale modeling of soot

In the context of global climate change, combustion-generated pollution, particularly soot or black carbon, is a major concern. Unfortunately our understanding of evolution of combustion-generated soot in the atmosphere is still incomplete. Read more...

Towards efficient and scalable radiation solvers in combustion

Radiation is one of the most important mode of heat transfer in any combustion system. Accurate modeling of radiative transfer, however, is very complex and computationally very intensive, even for relatively simple configurations. Read more...

Radiation modeling in multiphase combustion

Many real-world combustion system involve multiphase combustion, e.g., spray combustion in internal combustion engines, coal combustion in furnaces, etc. Impact of radiation in multiphase combustion is poorly captured by current thermal radiation models. Read more...

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