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BIEN 168 Schedule
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Lec 12 - Telerehab

Guest Lecturers:
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Personalinfo Dr. John Merritt
E-mail: merritt@mcw.edu
Work phone: 414-805-7342
Office Location: Froedert & MCW Clinics, West, 2nd Floor
Lecture Topics:
* Overview of rehab medicine at MCW
* Orthotic management within the continuum of care
Personalinfo Dennis Farrell
Work phone: 414-266-6990
Office Location: Rehab Designs of Wisconsin
Lecture Areas:
* Prosthetics technologies and fabrication techniques
* Principles and examples of low extremity prosthetics
Personalinfo Dr. David Del Toro
Physiatrist at MCW (amputee clinic, musculoskeletal)
Lecture Topic:
* Prosthetics Management
Personalinfo Prof. Tina Stoeckmann
E-mail: tina.stoeckmann@marquette.edu
Work phone: 414-288-5527
Office Location: Schroeder 327
Personal Link: http://www.marquette.edu/chs/pt/stoeckman.html
Lecture Topics:
* Movement problems after neurotrauma (stroke, SCI)
* Roles for assistive/orthotic technology, future needs
Personalinfo Dr. Jacqueline Wertsch
E-mail: wertschj@post.its.mcw.edu
Work phone: 414-805-6655
Office Location: VA Medical Center
Froedert West, 2nd Floor
Personal Link: http://doctor.mcw.edu/cgi-bin/display?1945
Physiatrist at MCW & VA (specialty in EMG, hand rehab, gait)
Lecture Topic:
* EMG for diagnosis
Personalinfo Dr. John McGuire
E-mail: jmcguire@mcw.edu
Work phone: 414-205-7342
Personal Link: http://www.mcw.edu/rehabmed/faculty.html
Lecture Topics:
* Stroke Neurorehab (Continuum of Care at Froedert's Stroke Center)
* Spasticity Management
Personalinfo Dr. Roger Smith
E-mail: smithro@uwm.edu
Personal Link: http://www.uwm.edu/SAHP/faculty/smithr/smithr.html
Lecture Topics:
* Computer-Based Assistive Technology
* Measurement and Instrumentation in Rehab
* Universal Design & Access (principles, applications)
Personalinfo Dr. Sunil Sabharwal
Lecture Topic:
* Role of Advanced Assistive Technologies in Spinal Cord Injury Management
* Pilot studies in telerehabilitation for SCI
Personalinfo Dr. Kitch Barnicle
Personal Link: http://www.trace.wisc.edu
Biomedical Engineer, at Trace Center in Madison
Lecture area:
* Access engineering

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