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Goals & Desired Outcomes
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 You will understand key terminology used by medical rehabilitation professionals and within the disability community.

You will develop a basic understanding of the neuromusculoskeletal system as it relates to principles of rehabilitation bioengineering and evaluation/design of assistive technology.

Through guest lectures from clinicians, you will develop a core understanding of the “continuum of rehabilitative care,” especially as related to post-trauma rehabilitation (e.g., stroke) and pediatric rehabilitation (e.g., cerebral palsy).

 You will develop a core understanding of:

o    lower and upper extremity prosthetic and orthotic components, design, and factors influencing prescription,

o   principles behind seating/positioning and wheelchair selection and configuration,

o   principles and applications of telerehabilitation.

Through a project, you will develop greater understanding in a targeted area of rehabilitation that is of personal interest, and have the opportunity to share some of your knowledge with your classmates.

You will get practice in applied client-centered problem-solving (applying knowledge and design principles to meet needs of persons with disabilities and health practitioners), working within a team, and integrating professional/ethical responsibilities with contemporary societal issues. 

The course will also help enhance a desire for life-long learning, and will be one of the most enjoyable and interesting courses you’ve taken during your Marquette career.


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