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Lec2 - NMS Anatomy
Lec 2 - Disease/Diorder Terms
Lec2 - NMS Systems Concepts


Assignment for Week 2 [4]:

In Blackboard:  Contribute 2-3 sentences of text which use at least 5 of the terms identified in Tables A-P (within an appropriate context).  (These words must come from at least 3 tables from 2 different web pages.) [1]

In Blackboard: Add to one of the contributions of one of your colleagues, either through an insightful comment or by continuing their thread and adding at least 4 new terms from the tables. [1]

To be turned in at the beginning of the next class:  Provide a rehab biomechanics "word problem" involving a person with a disability performing some goal-directed task, and document the sequence of steps that you would use to solve a relevant part of this problem.  [1]   Discuss how the results might be used to help address a real rehab problem (clinical or research). [1]


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