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What are AT's?
Society & AT's
Models for AT
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B.  Key Societal Issues that Impact on the Provision of Assistive Technologies


Rehab Act of 1973 (and amendments/reauthorization; Section 508)

Education Act of 1975 (and reauthorizations, IDEA)

Americans With Disabilities Act (1990) 

Professional practice within the AT field

Professional training/affiliations providing AT services (e.g, OT, RE, PT, SLP)

Standards & Quality Assurance

Standards/Certificates for AT service provision (e.g., ATP)

Codes of ethics (e.g., RESNA)

Standards for devices (compatibility, performance)

Reimbursement for (Payment of) AT's

Key Federal Programs & Infrastructure

Medicare & Medicaid

Educational/vocational/child-family oriented

Federal healthcare programs (e.g., VA, DOD)

Private Insurance

"Fee for Service"

"Managed" (and "capitated") care

Out of pocket


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