Orthotics - Basics

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Orthotics - Basics
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B.  Intro to Orthotics Terminology & Processes

Classification terminology (e.g., AFO, KAFO)

Basic Biomechanical Principles 

3-point force systems

joints (DOFs, ROM, spring-loading, ...)


Metals (steel, aluminum, titanium, ...)

Thermoplastics (polyehylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, vinyls, ...)

Thermosets (epoxies, polyester, acrylic, ... often "not alone") 

Composites (fiberglass, graphite, ...) 

Woods, leather, rubbers, adhesives, ...

Fabrication Procedures

Classic steps -- measurements & negative impression (mold), client leaves, fabricating/modifying positive cast, fabrication, fitting on client (days later)

"On the spot" -- Low-temperature thermoplastics; purchased orthoses

CAD/CAM -- digitizing device, interactive computer program (with 3D shape-manipulation, CAM milling machines & production thermoforming (local or remote), interface


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