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Psychologists assess the mental, cognitive, and emotional status of patients, work with the rehabilitation team to design treatment, and often provide treatment.  Clinical psychologists have completed a doctoral program in psychology and a 1-year internship.  Neuropsychologists are specialists who emphasize understanding and treatment of the cognitive, psychological, and behavioral problems that occur after damage to specific areas of the brain.

Recreational therapists work with the rehabilitation team to assess functional and leisure abilities and to promote recovery through physical conditioning and leisure activities,

  A certified therapeutic recreation specialist (CTRS) has completed 4 years of college with a degree in therapeutic recreation (recreational therapy) or a degree in recreation with an emphasis in therapeutic recreation, has completed a supervised recreational therapy field-work placement of 36 hours, and has passed the national certification examination.

  A certified therapeutic recreation assistant (CTRA) has completed a 2-year or associate degree with a major in recreation or therapeutic recreation; a 10-week field placement may be required.

American Therapeutic Recreation Association, P.O. Box 15215, Hattiesburg, MS 39402-5215. Internet: http://www.atra-tr.org  

National Therapeutic Recreation Society, 22377 Belmont Ridge Rd., Ashburn, VA 20148-4501. Internet: http://www.nrpa.org/branches/ntrs.htm  

Recreational therapists held about 39,000 jobs in 1998. About 38 percent of salaried jobs for therapists were in hospitals, and 26 percent were in nursing and personal care facilities.

Social workers are integral members of the rehabilitation team with special responsibilities for working with patients and families to evaluate community and family resources, obtain necessary community services, and facilitate discharge planning. Social workers will also often provide counseling and education.  A Licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) typically has completed 4 years of college and a 2-year master's program in social work (MSW) and has been licensed by a State examining board. Requirements vary by State.

Dietitians develops a menu and nutrition plan for patients with any special medical considerations noted by their doctor, their food choices and information by other members of the team.  A registered dietitian has completed a baccalaureate degree granted by a U.S. regionally accredited college or university; has met current academic requirements as approved by the American Dietetic Association; has successfully completed the Registration Examination for Dietitians; and has accrued 75 hours of approved continuing education every 5 years.

Case Managers (often nurses) provide counseling to help the patient and family to cope with the social, emotional and financial issues that may come up as the result of the patient's illness and hospital stay. They also assist the patient and family in planning services needed at home and makes referrals for those services. Health services available at home include: nursing, home health aide, therapies, medical equipment, laboratory work, transportation, and home-delivered meals.


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