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Rehab Models
Rehab Research Principles & Terms


RESNA Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

SIG-01: Service Delivery / Public Policy Issues

SIG-12: Rural Rehabilitation

SIG-02: Personal Transportation

SIG-13: Assistive Robotics & Mechatronics

SIG-03: Augm. & Altern. Communication

SIG-14: Job Accom. & Employment Issues

SIG-04: Dysphagia: Eating/Swal./Saliva Control

SIG-15: Information Networking

SIG-05: Quantitative Functional Assessment

SIG-16: Gerontology

SIG-06: Special Education

SIG-17: International Appropriate Technology

SIG-07: Technology Transfer

SIG-18: Tech Act States

SIG-08: Sensory Loss and Technologies

SIG-19: Universal Access

SIG-09: Wheeled Mobility and Seating

SIG-20: Cognitive Disabilities and Technology

SIG-10: Electrical Stimulation

SIG-21: Telerehabilitation

SIG-11: Computer Applications



Professional Specialty Groups (PSG's)

PSG-1: Suppliers and Manufacturers

PSG-4: Rehabilitation Engineers

PSG-2: Physical Therapists

PSG-6: Speech-Language Pathologists / Audiologists

PSG-3: Occupational Therapists

PSG-7: Educators

[1980ís: PSG-4: Prosthetists & Orthotists]




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