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Organizer (workshops, conferences, multiple sessions)

Session Chair (conferences)

Reviewer (journals, agencies)

Invited Speaker (partial list, a bit old)


Society Membership

Personal Memebership / Good Groups

Professional Service: Organizer

  • Organizer, Falk Workshop on Innovations in Neurorehabilitation, in Milwaukee, Nov 2-3, 2001.
  • Program Chair (2000) for American Society of Engineering Educators - Biomedical Engineering Division (ASEE-BED), St Louis [organizer for 6 sessions, conference activities].  BED Division Chair for 2000-2001.
  • Organizer, Workshop on Home Care Technologies for the 21st Century, at FDA facilities in Rockville, April, 1999  [8 working groups, 100 invited participants]
  • RESNA 2000 Science Chair, and Chair of RESNA's Research Committee, 1999-2001
  • Co-Organizer, 9th Engineering Foundation Conf. on Biomechanics & Neural Control, Deer Creek, Ohio, 1996 (with P. Crago) [over 100 participants]Symposium Organizer, 5 sessions (20 papers),
  • 13th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conf., Bethesda, April, 1994
  • Organizer, Workshop (for Council of BME Chairs, funded by NSF and Whitaker Foundation): Design in Biomedical Engineering Curricula, Tempe, October, 1994.
  • Symposium Organizer, 15 sessions (80 papers), 1st World Congress in Biomechanics, La Jolla, August, 1990

Professional Service: Session/Awards Chair

  • Session Chair at 15 international conferences, 1986 - 2000, including multiple meetings of BMES, IEEE/Engng Med Biol Soc, World Congr Biomech, Amer. Soc. Biomech
  • Group Coordinator (Interactive telehealth theme), Technical Guidelines Workshop, coordinated by Office for the Advancement of Telehealth, Bethesda, September, 1999 
  • Chair, Topic III (Factors that Prevent Access to Gait Analysis) of NIH Workshop on Gait Analysis, Crystal City, Sept, 1996
  • ASEE - Biomedical Engineering Division Awards Chair ('95-97)

Professional Service: Reviewer

  • Reviewer for Journals, including:  J. Biomech, IEEE Trans. Biomed. Engng., IEEE Proc. Robotics & Autom., Math. Biosci., ASME J. Biomech. Enging, Annals Biomed. Engng, J. Neurosci., IEEE Trans Rehab Engng, IEEE Information Techn. in Biomedicine, Biol. Cybernetics, IEEE Engng Med Biol, J Rehab Research and Devel, Arch Physical Medicine & Rehab, Assistive Techn., ...
  • Editorial Consultant's Panel (1992-95), J. Biomechanics (reviewed >25 manuscripts, 1988-95)
  • Grant Review Panels:  NSF (6 panels, '89-06), NIH (3 panels, '91-98 plus 3 phone '03-06), Whitaker Found. (3 panels, '90-99), NIDRR (2 panels, '97-99)
  • Editorial Board, The Whitaker Foundation, Teaching Materials Program, 1999-2003
  • Editorial Board, Assistive Technology, 2002-present
  • Editorial Board, IEEE Trans Neural Systems and Rehab, 2006-2007
  • Editorial Board, J NeuroEngineering & Rehab, 2006-present

Professional Service as Invited Speaker (funded, not proceedings, 1991-2000)

  •  “Telehealth for Access to Services Outside the Clinic,” seminar to Marquette’s College of Nursing, February, 2000.
  • “Technology for Use Outside the Clinic: Treating Chronic Diseases Effectively,”  Annual American Soc. Adv. of  Science (AAAS), Invited for special session on Children and Chronic Diseases (by St. Kern), Washington, March, 2000.
  • “Biomedical Engineering in the Evolving Paradigm Shift Toward Consumer-Driven 21st-Century Healthcare,” Invited seminar, Dept. of Biomed. Engng., Univ. of Utah, Salt Lake City, April, 2000. 
  • “Telerehabilitation and Biomedical Engineering,” Keynote address, 19th Northeastern Bioengineering Conference, Hartford, CN, April, 2000.
  • “Information Technology in the Evolving Paradign Shift Toward 21-st Century Healthcare, invited, for Great Lake Biomedical Conference, Racine, April, 2000. 
  • “Telehealth Applications for the 21st Century,” Conference on The Global Reach: Telecommunications in the New Century, Milwaukee, May, 2000. 
  • “Ergonomic Aspects of Telerehabilitation, invited, Research Symposium, RESNA, Orlando, June, 2000. 
  • “Motion Analysis and Telerehabilitation: Helathcare Delivery Standards and Strategies for the New Millennium,” in Workshop on Pediatric Gait, Chicago, July, 2000. 
  • “Another Side to Telerehab: Enabling New Possibilities for Rehab Research,” intived, to RIOTT (Southeastern Wisconsin’s Rehab Research organization), July, 2000.
  • "Future Home Care Technologies: Workshop Insights," World Congress of Imaging and Biomedical Engineering, Chicago, Abstract 5314-20640, July, 2000
  • "Estimating the Hill Muscle Model Using Fuzzy Logic: The Expert Rules," World Congress of Imaging and Biomedical Engineering, Chicago,  July, 2000
  • "Telerehabilitation," invited, Rural Telemedicine Grantees Annual Meeting, Washington, January 1999. 
  • "Telehealth Technologies," invited briefing presentation, Office of Science & Technology Policy, White House, Washington, February 1999.
  • "RERC on Telerehabilitation," invited, Joint Working Group on Telehealth, Washington, February 1999.
  • "Telehomecare and Telerehabilitation at CUA", invited, Edgewood Terrace Technology Advisory Board, Washington, February 1999.
  • "RERC on Telerehabilitation," Intern. Conf. on Seating and Positioning, Orlando Fl, March 1999.  
  • "CUA Home Care Technologies and Telerehabilitation Activities,"  HCT Workshop (funded by NSF/FDA), Rockville, April 1999.  
  • "Emerging Trends in Telerehabilitation and Telehealth" International Emerging Health Information Infrastructure. HII99 - Improving Health in a Digital World, Washington, April 1999. 
  • "The Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Telerehabilitation: Mission and Approaches," at joint BMES/EMBS meeting, Atlanta, October, 1999.
  •  “Video and Teleconferencing for Increased Productivity, ASME Winter Annual Meeting, invited talk for special forum on productivity, September, Nashville, 1999.
  • “Telerehabilitation Applications: How our RERC’s Might Interact,”  Invited seminar, by the RERC on Ergonomics, Ann Arbor, November, 1999.
  • Free University (Human Movement Group), Amsterdam, 1997
  • MIT (Mech. Engng.), Cambridge, 1995
  • Johns Hopkins Univ. (Biomed. Engng.), Baltimore, 1995
  • Univ. of Maryland (Systems Res. Center), College Park, 1994
  • University of Virginia (Dept. of Biomed Engng), 1993 
  • AI duPont Med. Inst. (RERC Rehab Robotics), Wilmington, 1993
  • 8th Engng. Found. Conf. on Biomechanics & Neural Control, Ventura, 1992 
  • Engng. Found Conf. on Neural Prosthesis, Banff, Canada, 1991 


  • Magna Cum Laude, Univ. of Calif., San Diego, 1979  (3.9 UC-GPA)
  • Univ. of Calif. Regents Fellowship, 1979-82 
  • NIH Systems & Integrative Biology Trainee, 1981-84
  • College of Fellows, AIMBE

Professional Society Membership (5-6 at any given time)

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