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Teaching Materials - Rehab Engineering & Performance

Modules: Rehab & BMESensorimotorAccess/TelerehabBiomech/DevicesNeurorehabProsthetics/Orthotics


This collection of pages provide training materials for rehabilitation engineering and human performance, including resources on access engineering, telerehabilitation and neurorehabilitation. While intended primarily to support our BIEN 167 course, this site also serves as a resource for others interested in these areas.

BIEN 167 Syllabus

Modules (each ~2 weeks):

  1. Clinicial Rehabilitation Science & Engineering: Principles, Terminology and Models
  2. Sensorimotor Systems for Human Performance Assessment
  3. Rehab Biomechanics of Physical Contact Interfaces
  4. Access Engineering and Telerehabilitation
  5. Neurorehabilitation: Innovation in Intervention Strategies
  6. Prosthetics and Orthotics: Approaches and Technologies


Other Rehab Links


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