History of Marquette AEMB
In 1979 Drs. Jeutter and Jodat, two faculty members in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Marquette University, had a vision of assembling an honors group for students dedicated to sharing and advancing biomedical engineering. Later that year, the founding class of what would become Beta Epsilon Gamma answered the call with an induction ceremony planned entirely by the proposed student members. The faculty advisors recount the event as something special as the founding class was inducted in a dimly lit room and the combination of dry ice and water complimented the ambiance of the event.
Beta Epsilon Gamma soon became one of the most active organizations on campus. Weekly meetings were held for members to arrange University, community and social events. The student organization would frequently welcome biomedical engineering students from other colleges and universities and often traveled to learn from these organizations throughout the Midwest. Beta Epsilon Gamma had a presence on the Marquette campus beginning with the first day of classes during Organization Fest. Here new and returning engineering students shopped for activities that complimented their character, many of which were drawn to Beta Epsilon Gamma. The organization was also represented at all of the Engineering Open Houses held throughout the year and offered CPR courses and a blood drive sponsored annually by new pledges.
Almost simultaneously, a group of small, but growing, scientific organizations including the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Society for Engineering in Medicine and Biology, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and American Chemical Society began a combined effort called the Alliance for Engineering and Medicine and Biology to foster the common biomedical interest shared by each of these organizations. AEMB began arranging meetings and career fairs in major cities throughout the country where engineers and scientists could continue to share biomedical knowledge. It became clear to the members of Beta Epsilon Gamma at Marquette University that the time had come to convert their organization into a chapter of AEMB. With the help of the faculty advisors, the students applied and were accepted as one of the charter chapters of AEMB. Since the inception of AEMB at Marquette University,over 185 members have been inducted and the chapter continues to be an active engineering organization on campus.
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