Marquette University HEIR Lab’s “Team MU-L8” Qualifies for the RoboCup 2014 Brazil TeenSize Humanoid Robot Soccer Competition

Marquette Only U.S. Team to Qualify for International TeenSize humanoid competition

Team MU-L8 RoboCup 2014 Brazil TeenSize Humanoid Qualification Video

March 19, 2014

Advisor: Andrew B. Williams, Ph.D., Professor and John P. Raynor, S.J., Distinguished Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Director, Humanoid Engineeering & Intelligent Robotics (HEIR) Lab, Marquette University.

What: Marquette University’s Humanoid Engineering and Intelligent Robotics (HEIR) Lab students’ “Team MU-L8” designed, built, and programmed a 3D-printed teen-sized humanoid robot qualified for the international robotics and artificial intelligence research competition, RoboCup 2014 Brazil, to be held in João Pessoa, Brazil on July 19-25, 2014. Marquette is the only U.S. team to qualify internationally for the TeenSize humanoid robot soccer competition at RoboCup 2014 Brazil. MU-L8 is unique in that it will express emotions as it reacts, thinks, and plays soccer and will be able to have conversations with children.

Who: Undergraduate students in Marquette University’s College of Engineering in electrical & computer engineering, biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science are the members of Team MU-L8. They are assisted by one graduate student. Approximately eight students plan to attend RoboCup.

Why: Team MU-L8 conducts research in humanoid robotics and artificial intelligence theory and applications to provide assistance to children in childhood obesity and reading literacy. Team MU-L8 will participate in the international joint research project and competition to represent the only U.S. team in the TeenSize league and compete against teams from Germany, Japan, India, Iran, and Brazil.

How: Team MU-L8 constructed an original design for their humanoid robot, MU-L8, or “emulate”, using 3D modeling and printing, machining, and assembly. They designed and programmed a custom embedded system, motion system, and vision system using off-the-shelf components. The students plan to raise funds to build the second required humanoid robot, pay for registration and shipping, and travel through crowdfunding, alumni donations and industry sponsorships.

When and Where: July 19-25, 2014 in João Pessoa, Brazil.

Qualification Video: Team MU-L8

Qualification Report: MU-L8 Technical Report

Team Descriptions: RoboCup 2014 Brazil Humanoid League Note: Scroll down and select Team MU-L8


Twitter: @heirlab

For more info contact: Andrew B. Williams, Ph.D.