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Our Focus

Our research group focuses on understanding the relationship between organic micropollutants and the environment around them. Specifically, we research how micropollutants impact our biological engineered processes, and how engineered processes can be altered to mitigate the effects of micropollutants in the natural environment. Our research is based on the belief that, by protecting environmental health, we can better protect public health.

Specific Research Interests:

  • Micropollutant impacts on microbial communities
  • Fate and removal of micropollutants
  • Antibiotic resistance
  • Residuals and biosolids
  • Pyrolysis

Our group is currently researching:

  • Antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance genes in anaerobic environments
  • Novel applications for waste products as engineering tools to remove micropollutants from wastewater
  • The impact of electrocoagulation on the fate of estrogens
  • Pyrolysis for biochar production from biosolids and concomitant reduction of estrogenicity

Group News

June 16 Dr. McNamara receives 2-year grant funded by inaugural Innovation Fund at Marquette
June 13-16 Dan, Emily, and Yiran present research at 2015 AEESP conference, and Dr. McNamara hosts session on micropollutants and microbial ecology.
May 18 Tino Kalayil joins the group as an undergraduate researcher this summer. Welcome aboard, Tino!
May 16 John and Tom walk for graduation, very proud moment.
April 29 Yiran presents research at NSF-WEP Center meeting, well done, Yiran!
Mar 30 Thomas Hoffman defends MS thesis. Truly excellent work, Tom. You should be proud, congratulations.
Jan 26 Proposal funded by Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District on "The hidden value of heat-drying biosolids". Always a pleasure to work with MMSD.
Jan 19 Melinda Choi joins our group to conduct an undergraduate research project. #tonsoffun. Remember, the sound of glass breaking is just the sound of progress. Welcome aboard, Melinda.
Jan 15 Dan's review paper on triclosan and antibiotic resistance in the environment is officially published in Frontiers in Microbiology. Congrats, Dan! Job well done.
Jan 5 Emily Gorsalitz joins us from Symbiont as a new PhD student. Emily earned her MS from Craig Just at Iowa. Welcome, Emily!
Dec 15 June ES&T article was selected by ScienceNews as part of their "Year in Review: Top 25."
Dec 9 Announced that Dan and Tom are 2 of the 3 winners of the Forward Thinking Research Colloquy. Way to represent! Nice work, guys.
Dec 2 Yiran, Dan, John, and Tom each give oral presentations at Marquette's Forward Thinking Research Colloquy.
Nov 14 John accepts consulting job with Symbiont. Congratulations, John! Let me know when you can give a guest lecture in Industrial Wastewater Treatment :-)
Nov 5 John Ross successfully defends thesis! Actually, more than defends, he rocked it. Congrats, John, very fortunate to have you as my first MS student.
Oct 27 Proposal co-written by PhD student, Yiran Tong, is funded by NSF-WEP Center "Using Pyrolysis Product Biochar to Capture Micropollutants". Congrats, Yiran!
Oct 1 Dan Carey and Tom Hoffman present their research at WEFTEC in New Orleans.
Sept 5 Dr. McNamara is awarded a generous grant from the Lafferty Family Foundation to research "The Effect of Everyday Antimicrobial Chemicals on the Spread of Antibiotic Resistance." Thank you Lafferty Foundation!
Aug 13 Yiran presents poster on "The Fate of Micropollutants During Nutrient Removal Using Novel Adsorbents for Dilute Wastewater Streams" at ACS in San Fran.
Aug 11, 13 Dan Carey's poster is presented at ACS: "Role of triclocarban and triclosan on functional health and proliferation of antibiotic resistance genes in anaerobic digestion."
Aug 8 Dr. Zhongzhe Liu presents "Demonstration Scale Production of Nutrient-Enhanced Biochar via Biosolids Pyrolysis" at Midwest Biochar Conference.
July 11 Dr. Mayer and Dr. McNamara are awarded an NSF Grant: "I/UCRC FRP:  Electrocoagulation for the mitigation of emerging biological and chemical contaminants" Email brooke.mayer@mu.edu to inquire about graduate research assistant opportunities.
June 23 Dr. Mayer and Dr. McNamara are awarded an NSF-CORBI grant with ASU: "Coupled titanium dioxide photocatalysis and filtration for simultaneous reduction of organic matter, viruses, and estrogenic compounds" Email brooke.mayer@mu.edu to inquire about graduate research assistant opportunities.
June 19 Dr. McNamara's ES&T paper is focus of news article in ScienceNews. PBS also covers the story.
May 19

Dr. McNamara returns to Austin, TX to present two papers at WEF Residuals and Biosolids Conference, including "Pyrolysis of Wastewater Biosolids: Lab-Scale Experiments and Modeling."

April 10

Dr. McNamara presents anchor seminar at UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences.

March 17

Dr. McNamara presents research at 247th National ACS meeting in Dallas, TX on the "Impacts of triclosan on methanogenic community structure, function, and antimicrobial resistance."

Feb 25

Tom presents research poster on "Removal of Environmental Estrogenic Micropollutants from Wastewater Solids" at the 2014 Borchardt Conference in Ann Arbor, MI.

Feb 25

John presents research poster on "Fate of Micropollutants During Pyrolysis of Biosolids" at the 2014 Borchardt Conference in Ann Arbor, MI.

Jan 14 Oliver joins us as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome, Oliver.
Jan 6 Yiran Tong joins us from UW-Milwaukee. Welcome, Yiran.
Dec 3

Dan gives oral presentation on "How Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Can Arise in Wastewater Treatment and Techniques for Mitigation" at Marquette University Forward Thinking Symposium.

Dec 3 Tom and John present posters at Forward Thinking Symposium, MU.
Nov 26

Dr. McNamara presents seminar at UW-Madison.

Oct 7

Dan Carey presents research at WEFTEC on using biochar to immobilize nutrients from wastewater.

Aug 14

Dr. McNamara presents at CSWEA Pretreatment Seminar.

Aug 1 John Ross joins us from Brown and Caldwell. Welcome, John.
July 15

Dr. McNamara hosts session on micropollutants at AEESP conference.

July 1 Tom Hoffman joins us from Villanova. Welcome, Tom.