CEEN 6932 - 102 "Performance-Based Engineering", Marquette University, Fall 2014 & 2015 (Instructor)
CEEN 6932 - 101 "Engineering Reliability", Marquette University, Spring 2014 & 2015 (Instructor)
CEEN 2110 - 105 "Statics", Marquette University, Fall 2013 (Instructor)
CEE 395 "Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering", Stanford University, Fall 2012 (Lecturer)
CEE 200A "Teaching of Civil and Environmental Engineering", Stanford University, Fall 2009 (Department TA Mentor)
CEE 203 "Probabilistic Models in Civil Engineering", Stanford University, Fall 2007 (Teaching Assistant)
CEE 323 "Engineering Economics and Management", Cornell University, Spring 2005 (Teaching Assistant)
MATH 293 "Differential Equations", Cornell Athletic Department, Fall 2004 (Academic Tutor)

Research-inspired Teaching

Extend use-inspired basic research to teaching
Integrate research and teaching via interdisciplinary education
Connect experimental and analytical investigations
Design course curriculum to facilitate fundamental understanding and research advising
Bring research advancements into classroom setting


Center for Teaching and Learning, Marquette University
Center for Teaching and Learning, Stanford University
Tomorrow's Professor - Rick Reis


The plan-do-reflect cycle is key to constant improvement in teaching and learning. Prof. Ting Lin would love to hear your thoughts on how she can help you learn better. In addition to in-class survey, you are encouraged to post your anonymous suggestions here.