Glossary: Terms & Concepts

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Glossary: Terms & Concepts
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Anatomical Terminology 

Anatomical planes and sections (Table A)

Anatomical directions, positions and relationships (Table B)

Bones and Muscles to Know (Table C)

Key Skeletal & Connective Tissue Anatomy and Terminology (Table D)

Key Neuromuscular Anatomy and Terminology (Table E)

Key Central Nervous System (CNS) Anatomy and Terminology (Table F)

Key Physiological Terms Impacting on Rehab Bioengineering (Table G)

Biomechanics and Movement Science Terminology 

Muscle Actions (Table H)

Biomechanics & Movement Science (Table I)

Muscle Mechanics & Modeling

Medical Rehabilitation Terms

Key Diseases & Disorders Related to Rehabilitation

Neurological Origin (Table J)

Musculoskeletal Origin (Table K)

Medical Terms (Table L)

Rehabilitation Infrastructure - Professionals (Table M)

Rehabilitation Structures for Delivery

Performance-Based Rehabilitation Terminology (Table N)




Terminology and Concepts in Rehab & Disability Research

Disability Terminology & Concepts (Table O)

Key Rehabilitation Research Terminology (Table P)

Prosthetic, Orthotic, Assistive & Adaptive Technology 


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