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What is ITE?

ITE stands for the Institute of Transportation Engineers. ITE is an international organization with members in more than 70 countries and 12,000 members in the U.S. The student chapter provides an opportunity to come in contact with professionals, hear about their areas of expertise and become familiar with a wide variety of different transportation problems and their solutions.

Here's a little note about ourselves:

We participate in Professional Institute of Transportation Engineers meetings. This is an important function for our school and our students because these are the people who hire our graduates. Our student chapter has a person who acts as a liaison between the school and the professional society. Student projects in transportation classes are real problems from the City of Milwaukee, and our students solutions to these problems are reviewed by City of Milwaukee engineers, and consultants, members of ITE. Visit our current events web page.  Tentative yearly calendar.

We have been very successful as a student organization:

Won four times the District IV Outstanding Student Chapter award after competing with all other student chapters in the states of Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, N.Dakota, Oklahoma, S. Dakota and Wisconsin. Won first and second place many times in the Engineering Open House student chapter exhibit competition.

We are open to everybody and we would like you to come and bring a friend (even a non-engineer friend!) to our meetings which are held in the Engineering Building at the corner of 16th and Wisconsin every two weeks. We hope to see you and your friends there!

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