Current Projects

CT Dose Reduction

CT dose reduction

Our laboratory is investigating several methods for reducing the dose of CT scans while maintaining or improving image quality. We are also developing tools that will make it easier for other research groups to optimize and reduce radiation dose, such as the organ dose database. These projects have been funded by the FDA, the Marion and Alvin Birnschein Foundation, and GE Healthcare.

Spectral CT

Photon-counting detectors are being developed with the ability to sort incoming x-ray photons based on energy. This energy information enables improved material decomposition and overall image quality. Our laboratory developed a bench-top prototype spectral CT system capable of sorting photons into multiple energy bins. We are using the prototype system to develop reconstruction, calibration, and artifact correction methods for spectral CT and to study new applications of the technology. This project has been funded by the NIH.

CT Dose Reduction

CT Dose Reduction

Coronary Artery CT Angiography

Our laboratory is developing image processing methods to reduce the effects of motion in Coronary CT Angiography (CCTA). One recent project developed an algorithm to automatically determine the lowest-motion phase for CCTA reconstruction based on image quality metrics. This algorithm was translated into product and was released by GE Healthcare in 2016 as the 'SmartPhase' feature on the Revolution CT system. This project has been funded by the GE Healthcare.

Bi-plane Fluoroscopy System for Gait Analysis of the Foot

We are developing a Bi-plane Fluorscopy system for in vivo analysis of motion of foot with or without orthotics and footwear. The kinematics of the bony segments will be calculated from the fluoroscopically determined segment points and combined with ground reaction force information to study intersegmental kinetics. This project has been funded by NIDRR as part of the Marquette University Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center Tech4POD.

CT Dose Reduction