Computational Combustion Laboratory (CCL)

Lab Director

Dr. Somesh Prasad Roy,
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
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Graduate Students

Khaled Mosharraf Mukut

Undergraduate: Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Joined: Fall 2017
M.S. Thesis: Effect of Radiation and EGR on Pollutant Formation in High-Pressure Constant Volume Spray Combustion
Ph.D. Topic: Fundamental exploration of soot formation and morphology from a molecular modeling perspective

Evan Gventer

Undergraduate: Milwaukee School of Engineering
Joined: Spring 2023
Ph.D. Topic: Exploring soot formation via molecular modeling

Tim Day

Undergraduate: Marquette University
Joined: Spring 2024
M.S. Topic: Exploring soot morphology via machine learning and computer vision

John Omokayode

Undergraduate: University of Ibadan, Nigeria
Joined: Fall 2023
Ph.D. Topic:

Undergraduate Students


Graduate students

Otito Onwuzurike, M.S., August 2021.
Thesis: Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling of Pollutants in Milwaukee Using AERMOD
Current position: New York ISO

Chloe David, M.S., May 2021.
Thesis: Accuracy and Computational Cost Assessment of Radiation Solvers for Combustion Simulations
Current position: Rockwell Automation

Alec Tauer, M.S., May 2021.
Thesis: CFD Modeling of Aerial Dispersion of Pollutants in Urban Environments
Current position: GE Power

Tamanna Tasnim, M.S., Jul 2020.
Thesis: A Parametric Study of Cohesive Zone Modeling Applied to Interfaces Under High Impact Velocity Collisions
Current position: Milwaukee Tools

Joseph Farmer, M.S., May 2019.
Thesis: Development of a Quasi-Monte Carlo Method for Thermal Radiation in Participating Media
Current position: PhD Candidate at University of Notre Dame

Undergraduate students

  • Timothy Day, Undergraduate Researcher, 2023
  • Eduardo Carrasco, Undergraduate Researcher, 2022-23
  • Gabrielle Chun, Undergraduate Researcher, 2023
  • Clare McDonald, Undergraduate Researcher, 2023
  • Christian Romano, Undergraduate Researcher, 2021
  • Calvin Schaul, Undergraduate Researcher, 2021
  • Jason Moens, Undergraduate Researcher, 2020-21
  • Ulises Nevarez, Undergraduate Researcher, 2020-21
  • John Mika, Undergraduate Researcher, Summer - Fall 2020
  • Ashley Sanchez, Undergraduate Researcher, Spring - Summer 2020
  • Chaimaa Maghfour, Undergraduate Researcher, Fall 2019
  • Chloe David, Undergraduate Researcher, 2019-20
  • Alec Tauer, Undergraduate Researcher, 2019-20
  • Joseph Farmer, Undergraduate Researcher, 2017-18

Visiting scholars

  • Felipe Ramos Coelho, UFRGS, Brazil, 2020