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Multiphysics interaction in combustion devices

Soot and Turbulence

Combustion involves complex interactions of fluid dynamics, multiphase flows, chemical reactions, and heat transfer. Our understanding of combustion is still incomplete because of the complexity of each of these processes and their interactions. Effect of these interactions could become very important for practical combustion devices such as engines, particularly while trying to estimate or understand pollutant emissions. Without a comprehensive understanding, it is not possible to come up with a comprehensive strategy for mitigation of combustion-generated pollutants. At CCL we takes a detailed look into various aspects of effects of interactions between turbulence, chemistry, and thermal radiation at different scales of combustion with specific interest in formation of soot and NOx.

With detailed and accurate models for each of the subphysics — turbulence, chemistry, soot, spray, and radiation — researchers at CCL are exploring how each of these phenomena affects others and what are the implications of common modeling simplifications done routinely at large-scale combustion simulations.

Soot and Turbulence
Recent CCL Publications
  • Effect of O2 Concentration in Ambient Mixture and Multiphase Radiation on Pollutant Formation in ECN Spray-A. Mukut, K., M.; and Roy, S. Combustion Theory and Modelling, vol. xxx, 2020.
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  • Khaled Mosharraf Mukut
  • Yuxing Zhang

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