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Efficient and scalable radiation solvers

Radiation is one of the most important mode of heat transfer in any combustion system [1,2]. Accurate modeling of radiative transfer, however, is very complex and computationally very intensive, even for relatively simple configurations. Difficulties of resolving radiation in combustion system stems from two direction: (a) highly nonlinear radiative properties of participating media, and (b) high dimensionality of the radiative transfer equation (RTE). While there are several approximate models for both the hurdles (such as WSGG, FSK, etc. for radiative properties and DOM, PN, DTM, etc for RTE solver), one line-by-line photon Monte Carlo (LBL/PMC) can produce accurate results while resolving both the problems of nonlinear radiative properties and high dimensioanlity. The disadvantage of LBL/PMC is its computational cost both in terms of time and memory requirements.

This project aims to improve the current state-of-the-art of LBL/PMC scheme to increase its scalability so that it can be employed in massively parallel computations without loosing accuracy.

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Memory use
Fig: Improvement in shared memory use in LBL/PMC using new scheme.

Fig: Strong scaling efficiency of different schemes in PMC without any load balancing.

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Recent CCL Publications
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  • Khaled Mosharraf Mukut
  • Chloe David

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